SUR Mesure Search

Boutique Executive Search specialized  in the Fashion and Luxury Industry


Sur Mesure, which means ‘Made to Mesure’ in French, is a boutique recruitment company specialized in finding the perfect match between Companies and Candidates. Our main focus is fashion and luxury goods with a special attention to international labels, jewelry, watches, accessories, and cosmetics. 



 At Sur Mesure, we believe in the cultural alignment of our clients and our candidates as well as their expectations to build a thriving and lasting relationship.
Our focus is on finding and cultivating relationships with the most demanding and dynamic talent for roles within Management, Sales, and Digital.
Because timing is of the essence, we pride ourselves on impeccable execution: thorough market research, in-depth interviews, referencing and follow through. We measure success by the progression of our placed candidates within their new company. ​ 



 “The best candidates never switches jobs lightly, they do their homework”.
To attract the best talent, companies must build relationships with rising talents, allowing a steady stream of identification and nurture potential candidates for pipeline and succession planning.
Sur Mesure's puts talent on the radar of CEOs and their teams so relationships are built earlier aligned with the company’s values and culture. 



In today’s competitive markets, knowledge and visibility are crucial to staying relevant. 
Too often, CEO’s are focused on running businesses and managing teams. Rare are those who have the time to stay on top of new trends.
Sur Mesure believes that sometimes an Interim Expert is the solution to gain clarity on a vision or direction for the company allowing the expert to guide CEOs in new technologies or turning points, going through restricting.